Renewable Energy Access For All


Vision Statement

To significantly scale distribution of affordable renewable and sustainable energy products, develop practical skills and champion innovation of local products in Malawi

Mission Statement

To enhance access to affordable renewable and sustainable energy products in the last-mile, in underserved areas through a distribution network that involves often excluded groups such as women and youth

Who we are ?

ZASOLAR is a youth-led enterprise that’s all about enhancing access to affordable renewable and sustainable energy in underserved areas in Malawi. ZASOLAR distributes solar products such as lamps, home systems, gadgets, water pumps for irrigation as well as sustainable charcoal, briquettes and efficient cook stoves. The solar home systems we distribute are available on smart Pay-As-You-Go, allowing clients to pay over 6-months instalments. The cookstoves which we call “Saver Stove” are produced by local artisans and distributed to households.

“Malawi has the largest population of youth and women living in rural areas. Ony about 11% have access to the national grid, the rest of the population live off- grid, mostly in the the last-mile, hard-to-reach areas where opportunities are limited. The majority of the urban population (about 76% ) use charcoal. The demand for charcoal and firewood is driving deforestation and forest degradation in Malawi, and is undermining agricultural productivity and food security, water security, and hydroelectric generating capacity—leaving the country more vulnerable to climate shocks. The government of Malawi through the National Charcoal Strategy provides a framework to address the linked problems of increased deforestation and increased demand for household cooking fuel and has set seven inter-related pillars, including;

  • Pillar 1: Promote Alternative Household Cooking Fuels (such as; Electricity, LPG, Briquettes and Pellets, Biogas)
  • Pillar 2: Promote Adoption of Fuel-Efficient Cook-stove Technologies
  • Pillar 3: Regulate Sustainable Charcoal Production. “

Our Story

“Growing up in the village was hard-with no access to safe water and electricity, a good education was almost impossible to attain. I grew up in a rural set up, drinking unsafe water straight from the lake and using paraffin for lighting. I have grown up used to cooking with firewood and traditional open-stoves. I have watched the forests vanish to deforestation, youth and women suffer the evils of poverty. My passion and dedication has survived fear of failure through self-learning, practicing and mastering. I founded ZASOLAR to practice social enterprising in order to change the status quo of the underprivileged rural Malawians. I first trained in accounting, but found passion in computers, electricity and electronics, and solar in particular. Throughout my career I have come up with innovative ideas that encouraged me to quit being an accountant in office to deliver change in the communities.”


Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide access to affordable solar power systems to households, small businesses and institutions
  2. To provide access to alternative energy and efficient technologies for cooking
  3. To improve education through distribution of affordable reading lights to students and teachers
  4. To improve irrigation agriculture through distribution of affordable water pumping systems to farmers
  5. To create income generation opportunities for youth and women through an inclusive and participatory agent network
  6. To contribute towards development of skills and local innovations in the renewable space
  7. To advocate for entrepreneurship and against climate change in an effort to educate people on income generation through alternative energy sources.

Our Values

  1. Affordable – our products are priced to allow everyone to access
  2. Durability-all our products are made or sourced carefully and provided with valid warranty
  3. Convenient-we pride in systemizing an efficient & effective online order process with door-to-door delivery and a last-mile agent network
  4. Inclusive-our supply chain allows youth, women and community participation
  5. Innovative-our products and services are intentionally chosen to be fit for purpose and are able to develop new ideas for customization
  6. Passion for work-our team members are motivated to develop passion for service

Products and Services

Meet Our Team

Course #3

Fishani Msiska

Chief Executive Officer
Course #3

Jacob Nyasulu

Sales Technician
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Fatima Kanthiti

Sales & Marketing Assistant
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Jacquline Shema

Sales & Impact Assistant

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